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OCD stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder and is defined as an anxiety that provokes urges and thoughts. Caregivers caring for the elderly will often note that they are dealing with individuals who are very anxious and particular about minor issues.

Part of facing OCD is understanding that repetitive tasks are balancing the anxiety for the person. Such as cleaning the same part of the kitchen over and over, while ignoring the huge pile of garbage in the corner. Or in other cases making sure the garbage is taken out several times per day. OCD can be a number of different situations for a person.

When caring for someone with OCD it is good to remember that what they are repetitively doing is an action that is somehow making them feel at peace. Working with them through the process can help or talking to them about what they are doing and why they are doing it can also help them understand why they feel such an urge to complete a task.

Acceptance of these behaviors as a caregiver will make the process much easier to handle, as you can’t change a person.

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