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Education of at-risk patients and their families is the most productive way to prevent pressure ulcers. Steps toward prevention include:

Identifying individuals at high risk for pressure ulcers.
Ensuring that immobile patients change their position at least every two hours to relieve pressure.
Using items that can help reduce pressure caused by bed sheets and wheelchairs (e.g., low air-loss mattress system, pillows, cushions, foam padding ).
Making sure patients eat healthy, well-balanced meals.

Encouraging daily exercise, including range-of-motion exercises for immobile patients.
Following good skin care, including inspecting the skin every day and keeping skin clean and dry. Incontinent people need to take extra steps to limit areas of moisture.
Children who are destined to spend years in a chair should be taught at an early age to do push-ups while in the chair and shift their weight often.

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